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Educational and support programs with additional services to facilitate parenthood


Children development and well-being programs


Trainings and workshops for professional caregivers


Educational and support programs provided by employers for the well-being of their employees

Our mission

Great parents do not exist. There are real parents. There are authentic parents, parents in a great effort, parents who love, tired parents, those who admit that they make mistakes every day, but they continue trying without stopping at their long path of parenting.

These parents occasionally need someone who will be there for them, someone who will help them, take care of them and cheer them up on their great and most important road.

Our support is focused on the family.

Each family member will find something for themselves with us, which is needed at this moment to be able to be better – to themselves, their children, their parents and the whole world.

Happymamma approach

Our Vision is to ultimately make people happy and satisfied by creating such community life where families successfully manage their own time and needs.

Happymamma Centre for Family Well-being provides complete support for parents and all children caregivers. Our educational programs encourage knowledge improvement and familiarization with the latest and highly qualified educational principles that you can apply to your children. Our focus is aimed at developing emotional intelligence in children, as it improves focus and concentration.

We are holding online and live training sessions covering a number of subjects in the field of parenting – from the support to those who are first-time parents, to fantastic workshops for the advancement of moms’ lives who tirelessly devote all their time to their children and family.

Our professional training sessions are intended for all people who want to improve in the field of child development. The world of Montessori pedagogy, first aid course with a focus on children, education of nannies, EmoMe program for the development of emotional intelligence and other programs that we organize with our partners from the region, bring the most modern tools for working with children to Serbia.

Join the Happymamma world and discover new knowledge and approaches to work with children and teenagers.