About us

How did it all start? One very busy mum of two children, who was trying to align all her business obligations with all the challenges of parenthood, tried to find help for her family. Idea to find an ideal nanny who would be devoted to her children, if not equally, than at least similarly to her, was practically an ideal at that time. Mum realized then that there was no profession of a nanny in Serbia, that children were mostly taken care by women who could not find another job, in their own profession or persons who were made redundant in the course of transition. Without any selection, or filter, mum had to spend hours and hours seeing a number of people, some of which had no prior experience in taking care of children.

Following a few very unsuccessful attempts, the mum called her colleague – surprisingly, but both were psychologists by profession, with careers in Human Resources – and they successfully resolved her problem! The Happymamma idea was born, wishing to ease the journey to the right nanny for all the families, with minimum investment in time, energy and effort.

Our mission is precisely happymamma – every mamma.

We strive to make each mum, who has herocially given birth to a new human being, happy and at peace. There is no rush and constant wondering whether her dearest being is changed, fed as per her instructions, and stimulated in the right way.

Happymamma is a happy mum who knows that her child is in the hands of a person she trusts while she is at work or having some time for herself.

Our team consists of the truest child lovers who happen to be psychologists with long-term experience in professional recruitment.

44% of our candidates go through our selection process successfully. We never give up on our highly set criteria and never accept compromises. If, during the interview with candidates, we identify an issue, we strive to gather the right and comprehensive information by creating a better and more detailed picture of the candidate, through futher consultations with psychologist and further assessment. Each person who comes to us in order to seek employment is welcomed firstly with the gratitude for the taken time, and also with the right chance to find the right family.

Each of the hired nannies goes through a mandatory, and free of charge, first aid course because Happymamma leaves nothing to chance. Safety of our loved ones is the top priority.

We have also understood that school obligations can be a challenge for the family in addition to all the other obligations. For this reason, we created a team of mentors who support pupils in everything they need. A mentor studies with children, plays with them, takes them to sport and extracurricular activities and, most importantly, enjoys their progress and growth.

Give us a call. Whether you are a parent or a candidate. Even if you do not choose us, we will provide you with support and point out to you the issues in the selection process that are important, yet barely visible at first sight.