Achieve the balance between the family and work is a real challenge nowadays. Working environment became a very flexible category, and employees are often unaware of how to find the balance between business obligations and private life, and it often happens that both work, as well as family, suffer at the same time.

Companies, on the other hand, fight with absenteeism, presentism and fluctuation of employees, trying to create the best possible work conditions. Awareness that the company, as an employer, should apply socially responsible approach is ever more increasing globally, hence different programs are developed for the improvement of social, cultural, economic and environmental issues.

Lately, we find symbols in the work environments that remind us of home and which enable the employees to feel as if in a family environment. Cooked meals, fresh juices, comfort rugs, table-tennis, darts, billiard, are just some of the privileges that companies use to increase the satisfaction and productivity of its employees. However, creating such an environment at work does not necessarily mean that employees will really be more fulfilled and successful at their job.

Alignment between family and business life is of high importance in order to have satisfied employees, because they will then be more motivated, productive and better, both for themselves and for the team he/she works in.

Life brings some tough situations, such as death of family members, diseases, divorce and everyday crises, but also some of the seemingly nice occasions, such as weddings, birth of a child, first day of school, can also be stressful. Supporting the employees in such critical moments is also the responsibility of the company they work in, primarily because the employees dedicate almost a third of their life to the achievement of the company’s business goals, and it is nice when the company truly knows to appreciate that effort.

By supporting families which you stimulate as the company, in addition to the decreased absenteeism and other work pathology indicators, you will surely have a more satisfied employee who will be more devoted to the company because he/she knows that it did something for him/her in the moments when it was the most important. Thus, beside the good equipment of the business premises which to a good extent measures the comfort of home, warm and cooked meals, you will also have an employee whom you will support by showing him/her the emotional commitment of a true family.

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  1. Training for Parents
  2. Individual work with children in crisis developmental situations
  3. Marriage and Family Counselling
  4. Employee Assistance Program

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