EmoMe emotional intelligence development program

This training is intended for each parent who wants to influence the development of emotional intelligence of their child in the right way.

Created by EmoMe methodology, the program starts from the five-factor model of emotional intelligence and, through the development of each factor, conveys to parents ways and methods that can be applied daily in contact with their children to improve their emotional intelligence.

Researchers have discovered that even more than the general Intelligence (IQ), our emotional consciousness and the ability to cope with feelings (EQ) determine future success and satisfaction in all aspects of life.

Learn the best ways to respond to situations when your child is sad, angry or frightened. Discover how to use emotions as an opportunity to connect and teach.

With this program, you will understand the significance of mindfulness (conscious attention) for the development of the child’s stability and development, and learn how to apply it to your children. You will understand how storytelling has a very big impact on the development of your child’s brain. You will also learn how to set clear, consistent boundaries at the same time helping the child solve problems they face.

This training, will open the doors to new tools for successful parenting, and you are not going to be the same after this training. Teaching our children emotional intelligence is a challenge as well – to keep working on our own emotional intelligence. At this training, these challenges will be met.

Venue: Online

Duration: 2-day training with a total duration of 6 hours

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