How to approach children going through a divorce crisis

When parents are separated, the children’s world is changing. In a divorce, children suffer numerous losses: one parent has moved out, they may have to move to another apartment, another part of the city, in addition to the immediate environment the child might have to change their kindergarten or school, and consequently lose some old friends.

In a divorce, children face their own shock and sadness, as well as injuries and anger of their parents who usually pass through a challenging period.

Through a three-hour workshop, Happymamma introduces you to basic rules that you should not ignore as a parent who is going through a divorce with their partner and is undergoing major life crisis and change, which concern your children who go through an extreme and stressful life period.

At the workshop, you will find out what happens in the child’s head at different ages during their parents’ divorce, what to do if you notice some strange and unusual behaviour of the child such as night peeing, aggressive outbursts or excessive reprimand and rejection of communication. What if the child takes the side of one parent and rejects any collaboration and communication with the other one?

How to prepare a child for a possibility that one parent might move house, how to prepare them to communicate with their friends about this significant change in life and how to make them resilient to all future situations concerning a parent who will appear separately or will not appear in the company of the other.

On the workshop, we will talk about parents themselves who are divorced or are in the process of getting divorced, address the determination of their needs and their processes of healing and moving forwards.

Because if the parent has not moved on, the child will also be stuck with the parent in that same situation that requires change.

Venue: Online Training

Duration: 3h

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