Preparation for School

Beginning of school represents a great change for a child which can sometimes be very stressful and disturbing. The child’s adaptation to school should be gradual, which is why the curriculum of the first grade focuses on this adjustment. But how can we, as parents, prepare our child for this transition in the best possible way?

Can you imagine your child sitting at the desk peacefully for 45 minutes? Yes, admit it is hard. Or maybe if they pull out a sandwich in the middle of the class and start eating it because they are hungry? Now, this is a lot easier to imagine.

Whether you need to prepare your child for the situation when they should sit still, to show them the school rules before going to school, then how to prepare them in the best way while not stressing them with situations beyond the school context can be very confusing for your child – these are only some of the questions we will go through during the training.

You will find out which period of adaptation is the most intensive one, what psychologists’ advice about the harmonizing of school and extracurricular activities is, whether the child should be in day-care and which type of it, or to find a nanny who will spend time with them after school. How to be supportive parents during the period of adaptation to the first grade? What is the right balance between our expectations and the child’s abilities? How to develop work habits while not additionally burdening the child while developing resistance on their side. Why should we avoid questions like: “How was at school today?” These are all the questions we will answer during the training.

If you have more children, one of whom is already going to school, we will deal with how to harmonize their joint activities, such as their travel to school and the expectations that you put before each of them. We will also answer the question of whether you should hold your older child accountable to take care of the younger child and what are the activities your older child can perform for you without disrupting their rhythm of functioning in school.

An excellent workshop for all parents of future first graders!

Venue: Online

Duration: 3h

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