Sound bath for parents

Imagine yourself immersed in beautiful sounds that heal your body, mind, and your soul. Your body is relaxing while your thoughts are sinking into the beautiful tones inspired by nature – and you become completely relaxed. Welcome to our sound bath!

When Happymamma creates a sound bath, it provides an atmosphere for you to relax at a really deep level.

The atmosphere, sounds, and scents allow your body to find a natural balance while being comfortably accommodated, with your eyes closed in the dim room.

Our sound bath will calm your excessively stimulated nervous system and balance the body and mind.

What does a sound bath look like?

Participants are comfortably accommodated, eye masks are often used, such as those for long flights, in order to make the best possible contact with the sound and allow the hearing to be functioning smoothly and easily.

Most of the instruments used are mimicking the sounds of nature, and there are Tibetan singing bowls and a gong that has a powerful effect on the mind and body.

This form of special rehabilitation of the mind and body will recover your stamina, strengthen your mind and body. After this treatment, you will be refreshed and ready to continue at your usual pace with the fly and energy.

The sound bath is facilitated by Vladana Ninić, a psychotherapist and yoga instructor.

Venue: Happymamma centre or a location as agreed.

Duration: 1 h

If you want to contribute to the retention of your employees and increased satisfaction to you as an employer with special programs, a sound bath is one of the excellent benefits for all your employees. Call us to talk.