“Please help me grow as I be” is our motto in our work with children. There are no bad kids. There are children who are confused, who are currently not coping well with some of the challenges set before them, but every child is unique and beautiful by their very birth.

Our goal is to help children achieve their potentials, and that we provide through our development support programs, by understanding and discovering themselves, and through professional psychotherapeutic assistance when they need it.

The games that we invented for children are focused on the development of their focus, attention and emotional intelligence.

EmoMe – Emotional Intelligence development program for children aged 4 to 16

Our EmoMe emotional development program offers a unique concept of working with children who are divided into programs that are taking a different role and refer to various age categories.
See our programs and check which program is intended for your child’s age.

Who am I? – Training for teenagers (13–19)

A one-day program that will answer to teenagers important issues in this critical and important period of growing up, help them with the creation of a positive image of themselves, the importance of self-motivation for success and empower them in accepting themselves as personalities who are good enough.
Great training for all teenage children.

Professional orientation

Happymamma’s team of psychologists addressed this very important subject and created a modern approach to the professional orientation that primarily provides quality, professional review of personality traits, professional interests, cognitive style, tendencies and talents of a person, which is in accordance with the requirements of the new age market requirements.
Our goal is to help young people make the right decision in choosing further education.

Psychological Counseling and Support for Children

Psychotherapy intended for children has the primary goal to help the child find their personal capacity to solve problems, and to become resilient. The recognition and processing of emotions, help in understanding and acceptance of themselves and others, and the strengthening of internal forces are in the centre of our work with the youngest population, all in order to establish balance and healthy psycho-social health.

Happymamma’s games for kids

Looking at the daily challenges of parenting, psychologists at Happymamma have created unique support for growing up with different games that work on:
• Improving focus, memory, the concentration of children (cards – Remember me if you can)
• Emotional description and development of self-control in early childhood (cards – I feel)