Memory Cards “Remember me if you can”

Concentration and focus

Concentration and focus are like muscles that require regular exercise to be strengthened. Some children are born “stronger” in this area than others, but all children can learn strategies and ways to improve their ability to focus and support their own attention.

During schooling time, children are expected to concentrate for a more extended period. The better they focus and concentrate, the more successful they will be in mastering school tasks. As children become older, new activities emerge (mostly extracurricular) which require even greater concentration. While most children can concentrate on activities that are fun and essential, activities that are less fun, pleasant and/or repetitive make it challenging to focus and concentrate on the content.

Problems with the focus can appear in many forms and can change over time. Sometimes, children will find it difficult to:

  • Focus on small details or a larger picture
  • Filter unimportant sounds, sights, or information
  • Pay attention to content without distractions
  • Return their thoughts to the previous track when someone interrupts them
  • Follow the task without having to hear the instructions several times
  • Follow the conversation and/or follow the instructions.

The ability to concentrate and keep attention to all types of tasks is of crucial importance for successful development because it helps children learn without difficulty and improve their results. In this way, the child increases their confidence and self-esteem.

Concentration is very similar to conscious attention (mindfulness) which has been gaining considerable attention lately. The ability to pay attention to one thing at a time, as a concept of mindful attention, shows that there are countless benefits for mental health, starting from an increased sense of happiness and satisfaction to improved academic performance.

Memory Cards “Remember me if you can”

Just because they know how important focus and concentration are, psychologists at Happymamma Centre for Family wellbeing have prepared animal cards called “Remember me If you can” for our children.

The very opening and familiarizing with the cards point to the necessity of focusing because they look similar. There are no additional characteristics for recognition, and they require full attention to start the game itself from the very beginning. The game itself brings much entertainment, and your kids will exercise their focus and concentration every time they play because to gather as many families as they can and win the game they will have to remember what animal is in which family or which animal does which activity.

The game “Remember me if you can” can be played like a classic memory game, only here you need to combine four cards instead of two, as it is usual in memory games.

If you want to learn more about the game or you have a question for our psychologists, do not hesitate to call us.

The price of one deck of cards is RSD 1,270 with a discount for larger purchases.