Professional orientation

“The best life is when we are in harmony with ourselves, our own affinities, tendencies and interests. In this case, success and happiness are guaranteed.”

One of the first and most essential steps on the future career path of each person is the choice of the right profession. Most people make this decision based on their interests, preferences, and personality traits, but also characteristic of the jobs that they want to deal with in the future.

Sometimes it is a rational approach after a thorough analysis, and again, it is often dreams that lead us to the decision.

Happymamma team of psychologists addressed this crucial subject and created a modern approach to the professional orientation that primarily provides quality, expert review of personality traits, professional interests, cognitive style, tendencies and talents of the person, which is following the requirements of the modern market.

Our goal is to help each person make the right decision or confirm that they are on the right path in choosing their future profession.

If a candidate who wants to be tested is less than 18 years old, we will need written consent of their parents before testing and interviewing.

Professional orientation consists of two meetings:

During the first meeting, we go through an initial interview with basic and important data and testing. This meeting lasts for 120 minutes, and then a candidate needs to relax and be fresh because they will solve psychological personality tests, cognitive abilities tests and professional interests test. Tests are adapted to modern education and vacancies needed on the market.

During the second meeting, we go through the results with a candidate first and then with parents, if they express their desire to join us. The second meeting will be organized together or separately, depending on the agreement between candidates and their parents. The total duration of the second meeting is 60 minutes.

Besides verbal counselling, you will be provided with a detailed report with all test results, including the professional opinion of a psychologist.

Also, we are open to the possibility of further consultations if candidates still have dilemmas related to some new choices they have to make or during their studies about their future profession.

This is an excellent opportunity for all young people who opt for university degrees or for people who have doubts during their studies as to whether they have made the right decision. We also offer a possibility of career counselling to people who have graduated from university and do not know what they can do and what would be the best solution for them.

Venue: Online

Duration: 2 hours + testing

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