Psycho-therapeutic Support for Children

When we work with children, we always observe two aspects: the child itself and their parents. We collect general data about the child and family situation, the reasons why the child was brought to psychotherapy and parents’ subjective explanations related to the problem.

Unlike adults, where individual therapy is mostly done through conversation, children use different methods that correspond to their individual age. These are mostly methods that use play or art techniques where the child draws certain things, or we go with the child through a problem with the help of relaxing and guided fantasies which will help them find their inner strength for future.

Psychotherapy of children is applied when there are some psychological challenges that the child is unable to overcome independently for some time, or that occur from time to time and persist for some time.

Parents often interpret these evident changes in the normal functioning of a child as a phase, and they do not address it on time. In such situations, due to inadequate care, a child can experience great shocks such as depression, high anxiety, the development of phobias and aversions, self-injury and an extraordinary loss of self-esteem and positive image of themselves.

The aim of psychotherapy of children is to strengthen them and help them understand their emotions as well as to develop self-control, help them find inner capacities so that they can cope with the current situation and problems or provide them support and sympathize with them in their process of mourning.

A session with the child usually lasts for 45 minutes, the same as a school class. Contact directly a psychotherapist Tatjana Prokić on the phone: 0638797495.

Venue: Online option / Happymamma centre or an agreed location.

Duration: 45 min