Professional trainings

Our professional training courses are prepared with a lot of attention, efforts and knowledge. We adapted them to the way adults learn and dedicated them to topics that are of great importance for personal growth and progress, which at the same time greatly contribute to your relationship and work with children.

Professional training courses are intended for educators, pedagogues, psychologists, teachers and all other profiles related to humanities, and to all professional advancement fans who want to improve their knowledge and deploy them in their further work and development, on their personal and professional plan.

We believe in continuous improvement and learning, and this spirit is carried over to all our associates and participants of our programs who want to improve their skills in working with children, as well as in their own progress and growth as individuals.

First Aid Course for Nannies

One-day training session for all who take care of children. To ensure that the nanny will be able to deal with the problem properly and help a child who experienced any kind of an accident calmly and conscientiously, we made sure that a large portion of the course is devoted to practical examples and the exercise of mitigating and alleviating the consequences of physical trauma.
You will learn what the basic principles and means to provide first aid are, and how to help children or babies in situations of crisis.

Professional Nanny – Little Academy for Nannies

This educational program is the basis for a nanny academy consisting of 208 hours of theory through interactive education and 32 hours of practice in families provided by Happymamma. Each participant of the academy takes an exam after completing the education. The success at the exam is confirmed with the certificate of knowledge of participants in this very responsible area. You can see more about modules, ways of education, and the final exam by clicking on the training title.

Training for Nannies

One-day training that is a useful guide for each nanny whether they are about to take up this responsible occupation or want to advance and structure their long-standing occupation. Training is about getting familiar with modern concepts of pedagogy, such as Waldorf, positive discipline, Montessori principles and mindful parenting, and the introduction of non-milk food with cereals such as quinoa, amaranth and millet. It also prepares a nanny for assertive communication with parents and the process of interviewing.