Montessori educational programs

Montessori method was created from the belief of its creator, Ms. Maria Montessori that, if a child is overprotected, we keep him safe from the unpleasant, if we pander him and be at his service all the time, the child loses interest to become the owner of his own life, we deprive him from the possibility to be responsible for his own life. We can limit the child by our enormous love, because it leads us to never-ending wish to protect him from all the negative influences.

Montessori method is based on the individual needs of each child, and, with active development and practical actions, it leads to the stimulation of independence in everyday activities that he performs.

While a baby is little, during his development, it constantly wants to touch something, to show, to explain, to explore, he does not hold still in his process of learning new things.

Montessori system works precisely like that. Montessori children will be stimulated to make creative decisions while learning through practice, they will be a part of a common game, they will watch the actions of older children and enhance and develop their own actions.

A child will be stimulated to explore, listen, participate, create and help. He will build his own personality, find his own rhythm, decide on his own and become independent in the most creative and safe way. He will be curious, always move forward and, more importantly, he will wish to constantly learn, acquire and discovers new things.

In the beginning of the 20th century, as the founder of Montessori program, Marija Montessori started with the pedagogical-educational work in a way not seen until then and utterly innovative. She considered that the grown-ups, who helped children more than it was required during the performance of everyday activities, was a major obstacle in the development of child’s independence.

Along with the truest admirers of children, the only certified Montessori program educator in Serbia and Montessori Association of Serbia, Happymamma provides you with the possibility of additional education in the direction of Montessori pedagogy.

Programs are different. Montessori Association of Serbia offers several programs that differ depending from the topics they cover:

  • Basic course of Montessori program (1st part and 2nd part) – program which provides you with the internationally acknowledged certificate for the implementation of the Montessori program
  • Application of Montessori method in the work with children with disabilities – certified program in the area of social protection, with 36 certification points
  • Implementation of program content in kindergarten through Montessori method – certified program in the area of education, with 16 certification points
  • Montessori in nursery – one-day education intended for the governesses, medical nurses for the work in nursery
  • Montessori at home, for the age from 0 to 3 – one-day education intended for parents, baby-sitters and everyone who work with children of this age
  • Montessori at home, for the age from 3 to 6 – one-day education intended for parents, baby-sitters and everyone who work with children of this age
  • Montessori approach in the teaching of mathematics in the lower grades of elementary school – certified program in the area of education, with 16 certification points

Educator provides all the participants with the course materials, for individuals or groups: manual containing the description of the material and guidelines for practical work with materials, written material that follows the subject matter, collection of photo material on a CD and relevant certificate, subject to the type of attended education.

All trainings are held in Serbian language, therefore the understanding of the Serbian language is a prerequisite for attending and obtaining the certificate.

Educator is Erzebet Bedrosian, specialist in pre-school pedagogy and Montessori educator, who acquired the title of educator over the two-year specialization at the Science University “Etves Lorand” in Budapest, and the associates are Montessori educators-instructors (tutors, special education teachers, teachers, etc. depending on the subject matter).

If you are interested in some of the Montessori courses described above we are planning to deliver, please leave your contact details, together with the input which course you are interested in, in the form below and we will contact you shortly.