Professional Nanny – Little Academy for Nannies

Academy for Nannies – the training program for nannies has been created as a wish to provide a possibility of professional development in their domain of work to all people who want to take up this occupation, or they have already been doing it for years but have formal education in a different field. The Academy was created because, in Serbia, we do not have any institutionalized knowledge that will provide nannies with the relevant education.

This five-month course combines all the essential aspects of this job and provides structured and wider knowledge to nannies that will undoubtedly lead to the higher quality of work, and give them more confidence in the role of a caregiver.

The duration of the program is 360 hours (roughly 5 months) and is realized through the workshop approach of an interactive character, and is adapted to the ways adults learn.

The theoretical part of the programme is envisaged to last 150 hours, 60 hours of exercises and practice sessions of 150 hours. Education is held in the afternoon hours on our premises or through online classes.

The education modules are as follows:

  • Safety and protection at work and basics of first aid in children
  • Specifics of work in home conditions
  • Communication skills
  • Basics of developmental psychology, development phases by Piaget
  • Foundation of preschool and school pedagogy and Montessori Pedagogy
  • Care for babies and children in standard and pandemic conditions
  • The importance of creative play, storytelling and emotional intelligence on the future well-being of the child

Participants are obliged to attend 70% of education; our educators do their best to take into account all the obligations that nannies can have in one family and adapt meetings accordingly to the most participants.

After all three parts of education have been successfully completed and knowledge verified, with the family report on your work where you performed practical work, you will receive our Certificate of training for the occupation of a nanny.

The professional team of educators consists of:

  1. Zehra Oruci – a Health Care teacher, health care for children of early age and first aid teacher
  2. Tatjana Prokić – a psychologist and psychodrama psychotherapist
  3. Iva Miljic – a psychologist
  4. Emilija Topalović – a psychologist
  5. Erzebet Bedrosian – a Specialist of Preschool pedagogy, Montessori educator (the title of educator acquired during two-year specialization at the University of “Etves Lorand” in Budapest)

Location: Online Program / Happymamma Centre premises

Duration: 360 hours (5 months roughly)

If you are interested in learning more details about this program, please leave your data in the form below, and we will contact you soon!