Training for Nannies

This one-day training for all future and present nannies that have experience in this job makes a unique collection of all the information that is crucial for the proper performance of a nanny.

Working with children is a wonderful and vital profession – investing in the knowledge necessary for the quality performing of this profession, we are helping nannies to improve their skills, get useful and meaningful information that will affect the rise of their confidence as a nanny and the quality of their work.

During training, we learn how to encourage children’s development and what the development characteristics of children of different ages are. Training for Nannies points to key tasks and potential problems that nannies can have in families, and empower all those who have a desire to work in families as childcare providers.

In the training you will find out:

  • Nanny Roles and Responsibilities: is a nanny allowed to watch TV or send text messages while looking after children?
  • How do you get ready for an interview? The importance of the first impression.
  • Parents’ expectations of nannies: in what situations do parents cancel their cooperation with a nanny?
  • Development characteristics of children by age: at what age can a child play with plasticine?
  • Montessori principles of work with children and ways to discipline children: How would you enable a child to express their creativity?
  • What are the remaining popular directions in the education of children (Waldorf, positive discipline, Jaspers Jul, Magda Gerber) – Similarities and differences
  • Nutritionist advice – How to encourage a child to eat and what food is appropriate for what age?

It is excellent training for all nannies who have many years of experience, where they can exchange experiences and learn new information that will be useful to them in the future – all that in mutual exchange and interactive workshops, whereas for people who want to take up this job, this is a great introduction to the profession and all the challenges that childcare carries with them.

Location:  Online Training

Duration: 2-day training session with a  total duration of 6 hours

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