What do candidates say?

Marija Mladenovic, New Belgrade

It is great to cooperate with Happymamma agency because of the care, understanding and support at each moment. It is lovely to have support and professional assistance, as well as the responses to all issues related to the work of a nanny.

I acquired a valuable experience and knowledge in the previous family. I have excellent communication with the parents in the current family. I am very satisfied and I consider that communication and trust are the most important factors for a healthy, normal and joyful development and growth of our little ones. I recommend Happymamma agency to all parents who take care of the type of persons to whom they entrust the ones they love most, their children.

Happymamma nannies undergo very serious psychological tests, health exams (sanitary) every six months, they are also obliged to hold a certificate that they have not been convicted. Nannies also went to the first aid training thanks to the agency. I, and I believe the other nannies as well, feel safe, given everything that the agency provides. Consequently, parents will be more secure, because they know that they entrust their children to safe, ready and professional persons.

What do candidates say?

Gordana Milicevic, Zemun

I am satisfied with the cooperation with the agency Happymamma primarily because of the high quality communication and impeccable organization, filled with respect. I am very happy that this agency puts all of its attention to active education of nannies, with the purpose of developing social skills in work with the family and the child. Families are specific, each with its own problems (financial, human, family), and this agency defines, with special sensibility, which nanny can fit in and help precisely “this” family, child and their peculiarities.

Nanny was an important person in the lives of many kings, scientists, statesmen, and their influence on the education affected history, literature and politics!

What do candidates say?

Vesna Bjelanovic, Vozdovac

Even though I was interviewed by other agencies, in my opinion, Happymamma does their work most professionally because they choose nannies carefully. The checks that the nannies go through are more than justified. I especially like the fact that they contact both the nannies and the parents in order for all of us to be satisfied. Unlike other agencies, nannies do not have to give a part of their, often low salary to the agency for the rest of their lives. It is exceptionally good idea that the parents have the option to replace the nannies if they assess that it is not working.

What was especially appealing to me was the constant education of nannies. First aid, training for nannies. I am a professional, educator and have a university degree in special education. I went to the training and learnt a lot of practical things, even though this is my basic profession. Atmosphere in the trainings is just great. I met a lot of nannies whom I would gladly entrust with my child. Training is taken seriously, and I think it is organized to perfection. Trainers are excellent.

I addressed each parent who has a problem, and who asked me how to solve it, to Happymamma because they are a serious agency, which can be trusted by both parents and nannies.

What do candidates say?

Julija Slavic, Konjarnik

When I went for the interview with the family, I felt safe because I knew I was going to a family to whom I was recommended by Happymamma team. I am thrilled with the cooperation with the family, we function excellently and there is mutual agreement and respect. I would warmly recommend the cooperation with Happymamma agency to each nanny because they are an excellent and professional link between the client and the nannies and they do their best to keep both parties satisfied. The fact I appreciated the most is that they were always there for assistance and advice.

What do parents say?

Nevena Vracar, New Belgrade

I will always engage Happymamma if I ever need someone again. Why? Because in that way I am safe, secured, because I know that all the candidates have the sanitation booklets, that they have not been convicted… these are the issues you do not have to think about and, most importantly, you will not fall into the traps of the famous recommendations by friends

What do parents say?

Marijana Vukovic, Vozdovac

Happymamma members who helped us select the nanny left a great impression on us – their expertise and devotion, as well as careful listening to our demands and selection of the profile of the nannies, led to exceptional results. We are more than satisfied with the selection of the nanny and we are hoping for a long-term cooperation with her. I would gladly recommend Happymamma because of their patience, commitment they demonstrated during this challenging task of finding the right person to take care of my child.

What do parents say?

Family Djelic, Zvezdara

Nanny who was recommended to us by Happymamma met all our expectations. She was committed, flexible and established a great relationship with our children. Happymamma was able to assess what our family needed and to find us the right person for the long-term cooperation!