Marija Mladenovic, New Belgrade

It is great to cooperate with Happymamma agency because of the care, understanding and support at each moment. It is lovely to have support and professional assistance, as well as the responses to all issues related to the work of a nanny.

I acquired a valuable experience and knowledge in the previous family. I have excellent communication with the parents in the current family. I am very satisfied and I consider that communication and trust are the most important factors for a healthy, normal and joyful development and growth of our little ones. I recommend Happymamma agency to all parents who take care of the type of persons to whom they entrust the ones they love most, their children.

Happymamma nannies undergo very serious psychological tests, health exams (sanitary) every six months, they are also obliged to hold a certificate that they have not been convicted. Nannies also went to the first aid training thanks to the agency. I, and I believe the other nannies as well, feel safe, given everything that the agency provides. Consequently, parents will be more secure, because they know that they entrust their children to safe, ready and professional persons.