Vesna Bjelanovic, Vozdovac

Even though I was interviewed by other agencies, in my opinion, Happymamma does their work most professionally because they choose nannies carefully. The checks that the nannies go through are more than justified. I especially like the fact that they contact both the nannies and the parents in order for all of us to be satisfied. Unlike other agencies, nannies do not have to give a part of their, often low salary to the agency for the rest of their lives. It is exceptionally good idea that the parents have the option to replace the nannies if they assess that it is not working.

What was especially appealing to me was the constant education of nannies. First aid, training for nannies. I am a professional, educator and have a university degree in special education. I went to the training and learnt a lot of practical things, even though this is my basic profession. Atmosphere in the trainings is just great. I met a lot of nannies whom I would gladly entrust with my child. Training is taken seriously, and I think it is organized to perfection. Trainers are excellent.

I addressed each parent who has a problem, and who asked me how to solve it, to Happymamma because they are a serious agency, which can be trusted by both parents and nannies.