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Adjusting to kindergarten and challenges of joining a community

Do you remember your first day of school? It was a rather exciting experience for all of us, filled with unknown events and expectations of what awaits us there. At that time, as it is now, the majority of children went to kindergarten before going to school, and somehow went through the period of adjusting to school environment faster and easier compared to the children who were looked after by grandparents. It seems that it was not so popular then to criticize the so-called “grandma service” as we can hear it nowadays – useful habits are created in the kindergarten, new friends are met and social skills are developed, grandparents spoil children, etc. However, when we look at it, kindergarten was and still is a very useful service when both parents are employed.

Preparing a child for the kindergarten, as well as the process of adjustment to a baby day-care, can be quite challenging even for experienced parents. Every child is special in its reaction to the first separation from the parents, and it primarily requires a lot of patience and understanding. Given that the process of adjusting to the new environment lasts for at least a week, and that it is recommended that a child stays longer in the kindergarten every day, it might be challenging for parents to align their business obligations during this period. Having completed the adjustment process, there are new challenges in the sense of unexpected sudden viral illnesses due to abrupt decline of immunity. New parents, who are faced with kindergarten for the first time, have the attitude “it will not happen to us, we have developed a strong immune system of the child”, but unfortunately the reality usually proves them wrong just after first few weeks. And after some time, when the child has already got used to the new rhythm and going to the kindergarten, passing of the viruses by friends is unavoidable for the majority of kids. Considering that parents are not in a position to be absent from work every time their child is sick, they need someone trustworthy who will take care of a sick child.

These are just some exciting aspects of parenthood, and as the child grows, they are becoming even more interesting and challenging. In each of these situations, it would be of use to have additional help, and then we are most likely to remember that there are nannies and babysitters who can make such situations easier for the entire family. When needed, you can engage a babysitter, who will take care of your child every time the child is absent from the kindergarten, due to a cold or a flu. Do not refrain yourself from engaging help, because the viruses are imminent, and having adequate support for your child, when the child is sick and not in the kindergarten, is the best for your family.