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How to find a good nanny?

There are several ways to hire a nanny. Each has its pluses and minuses. Your child should be in best hands, so the professional selection is the best way to find a good nanny – one who went through a selection process, who is a reliable and responsible person, who will organize the time with your child in a proper way.

Finding a nanny is often not an easy task for parents. Your most precious, your child, is entrusted to someone else to be looked after, to a person you do not know, both you and the child. Therefore, a qualitative selection of the nanny is a very important moment in the preparation for the future development of your child. There are several ways to find a good nanny.


Choosing a nanny through a recommendation is one of the ways parents often opt for, due to the fact that it provides them with a certain level of security, given that the person has already been checked and someone guarantees for them. It is the greatest advantage of this way. Another advantage is that the mere selection of the nanny does not require a cost. First thing you ask yourself, when you decide to look for a nanny through a recommendation, is: Where do I find her? Whom can I ask? Normally, these are friends, colleagues or closer and wider relatives. Once you get the recommendation and the nanny comes to you, a harder part comes, the one which refers to the assessment of the candidate, compared against the needs you have. Then you ask yourself what are the right interview questions which will provide you with the desired and appropriate answers? Then, how to assess the nanny based on the received answers? The entire process is not at all simple. These are some of the obstacles you may encounter in this process. Even when you receive an excellent recommendation, there is one catch. Nanny who was excellent in the recommendation you received may not fit into your family atmosphere, or with your child, even though objectively she is very qualitative, because it just might not be a good nanny for you.

Web search

A second way to find a nanny is to surf the internet looking at different websites and advertisements. The advantage of this approach is that it also costs nothing. However, it takes a lot of time to search the internet in a detailed and quality manner, and the same time to interview the nannies. Not to mention the time spent to schedule the interviews or align the possible meetings with the candidates. It can be very strenuous, and once you add the fact that you have seen over 15 candidates and that no one meets your criteria, the entire process becomes one exhausting experience. Parents opt for this way when they cannot find a nanny through a recommendation, and when they do not have money for the professional selection of nannies.

Professional selection

Professional selection represents a series of steps that are taken by a team of experts, who pick from a vast number of candidates the best and most competent ones for the performance of the most responsible job – looking after children. A quality intermediary agency between the nannies and families carefully selects its candidates and always assesses them on several levels. Then, each nanny fills in a detailed form in which she states her prior experience, her competencies and abilities. Setting a personality test is, also, one of the steps in the selection process, since the test results provide the description of the nanny’s character, which further enables the agency when matching the nanny and the family. Legal check is also an important part of the selection process. Each candidate submits the certificate that a criminal procedure is not initiated against them. Last, but not least, each candidate is obliged to submit the health card, results of which confirm that the candidate is capable to work with children in terms of health. Even though this way may be the most demanding in terms of costs, compared to the previous ones, its advantage is that it brings you the best quality with minimum time investment. You only have to describe the ideal nanny who would fit into your family atmosphere, to interview a few candidates and select the one you and your child like the most. Agency will do the hardest part in the selection of the short-listed candidates, schedule the interviews in the periods that suit you, and you will come to the final choice very simply. The simplicity and the quality of the process is not comparable. It is said that the quality does not have a price, especially when our children are involved.

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