Mamma’s perspective


During the biggest business rush hour, I hold for a few minutes and remember my childhood… kindergarten, friends, school…

Around thirty of us, in our desks, wait for our turn so that every one of us could say something… we raise the hand to be called and that we can give an answer… You cannot say what you thing when you want to do so…

Serbian… free topic… I wrote about the tree that cuddled me, raised me by its hands and held me by its knees, covered me with leaves, kept me safe and changed its colour… I got a D… A tree does not have arms and legs, but a trunk, branches and leaves, tree does not lift children, you climb a tree, tree is of a brown-green colour.

Mathematics… test… I overjoyed because I realized that all my results were correct… I ecstatically wait for the grade… a C – the procedure was not good; we did not learn so in school…

Arts… one day at a beach … an F all over the artwork… Your dad cannot be taller than a parasol and a deckchair….

I want something different for my child!

And that is that he always says and asks what he wants, to see the tree that he wants, to find the way to solve a task on his own, that his dad be the biggest, tallest than the building… that he wants to learn, to demonstrate, to create, to be happy about every new day of learning, about every new friend, girlfriend, nanny, teacher, kindergarten, school… To be joyful about life and discover the best from it!

And I thank Montessori education for helping me provide my child precisely with that.

Child is stimulated to research, listen, participate, create and help. He builds his personality, finds his own rhythm, decides for himself and becomes independent in the most creative and safe way.

Montessori approach support children to make creative decisions while learning through practice, to be a part of common game, to watch the actions of older, thus improving and developing their own actions.

My child is now becoming a man by playing. I teach him to be fearless, and not perfect!