Tips for developmental milestones

Pieces of advice for the period of development until the end of first year – movement

Many babies feel the rhythm of the songs and like to dance to them. Children songs can be such fun, both for the baby and for you. Give incentive to the baby to move along the music, to move its little hands and legs while listening to the favourite song. While bathing, feel free to splatter water next to the baby, because they like bubbles and waves. In that way, teach her to splatter water by the little hands on its own, by which you also additionally reduce the potential fear from the water, which may occur with children who felt a strong sensation that scared them during their first contact with water.

  1. Spend time with your baby while cuddling and hugging. It will develop the feeling of security;
  2. Secure baby’s environment by taking out the furniture with sharp edges;
  3. Enable the availability of different toys when they start to play by sitting or walking on the bed. If a toy is not interesting, feel free to give them fruit (small apples, pieces of fruit) – baby will try to reach those pieces by its fingers, which positively influences the development of motoric coordination;
  4. Feel the personality of your child: some children love to play by hugging, moving and “flying”, while others are calmer and prefer that you pass toys to them and leave them to play on their own. They will let you know what they like more;
  5. Most importantly – enjoy the interaction with the child! Sometimes even the simplest of games may make the children smile. If you laugh, child will also laugh and will try to imitate you. Remember, in this period, children “absorb” the home atmosphere, so try to create a positive and accepting environment in which you also feel comfortable.
  6. Babies like hiding games a lot! All babies enjoy the game during which you hide behind a cover, re-appear from it and then disappear again. Feel free to introduce to the game sounds and surprise expressions when you re-appear, because it creates additional excitement for the children.
  7. Take care of yourself in every sense – physical, mental and emotional. Parenting can be a tough and exhausting job. You will enjoy the relationship with the baby easier and be a positive, caring parent when you feel good about yourself.