Raising children

Raising a child in 21st century

The 21st century is painted by rapid changes and dynamism. Face-to-face communication and one-employer for life time are long gone practices. Clichés like “I want to be a policeman” or “I will be a princess” were the specifics of our childhood. Now, we are the parents and we have to adapt our teaching approach towards our children. How can we help our children to develop skills needed for future life success? Here are some advices:

1.Explicitly teach values, not by preaching but by asking questions:

– What does it mean to be a compassionate person?

– Do you think it’s okay to cheat at school? Would you cheat if your friends are doing it? Why?

– Is it OK to cheat or lie to make money?

– What makes someone a good friend? Why?

– What do you think makes a person popular? Are wealthier kids more popular? Are you popular?

– What could our family do that would make the world a better place?

2.Talk freely with your kids about the things they see in their world and give them the freedom to share their fears with you.

The more the child knows about the dangers that exist and how to protect themselves, the safer they are. An informed child is the best protection against the many things that could potentially happen to them.

3.Help your child think of learning as a life-long process.

Encourage him to embrace opportunities for learning and self-improvement at home, at school, on the internet, and in the community. If the child asks a question that you don’t know to answer, create a positive relationship towards Internet search. Don’t be embarrassed if you don’t know something. We all learn each day.

With careful attention, we can help our 21st century children grow up to be stable, well-rounded individuals, empowered to learn and change as they need and desire, and ready to embrace or adapt to the inevitable changes the 21st century will bring. Let’s do that!