Practical advices

Parenting tips for twins

Having twins always requires double work in compare with having one baby. It’s not the same when you are parent of two kids different ages because they have different needs than twins who have almost same needs at the same time. Mothers of multiples are universally more exhausted, nervous and tense than mothers of singletons. If you are a twin parent these Happymamma tips will certainly help you.

Be easy on yourself

Don’t expect to be a super parent. Everything you do is the best you can do in a certain moment. Maybe all things you are going to do as a parent may not work out as you thought, but you will invest all your energy and that’s all that matters.

Spend some one-on-one time with each baby

Your babies need you to spend a separate time with both of them. It’s true that twins are connected to each other, but they need mother’s love and attention separately, not in a package.

Hire a nanny

You can hire a nanny for night time but also, if you are too exhausted, you can hire a nanny who will help you during the day. You shouldn’t be all on your own if you are a twin parent.

Accept help or ask for it

Help from your partner, friends and family should always be welcome. If they are not offering, ask for it. You have all right to ask and if they understand your situation they will meet your needs.

Be prepared for heavy time in first 6 months

All twin parents say that the first 6 months are the living hell. It’s hard to get use to totally different lifestyle and absolutely new time organization. After some time, this kind of a lifestyle will become normal thing to you.

Don’t stress about things being exactly the same for both babies

It’s not unusual for mother to hold one baby more than the other. Also, it’s not a mistake if you are at the time more bonded to one baby. It will all come in its place eventually.

Also, try not to stress if the babies make developmental progress at different rates

It’s usual to think that whoever does something first is the “normal” one, and that the other is behind. If one baby hits the major milestones first it’s not a sign that the other baby lags behind. The other baby is just a very different person.

Set up a bedtime routine

Your babies need to have a routine and to know and respect order. It will be hard to set a routine, especially because there are two of them.

No one says that with these tips parenting twins will be a piece of cake, but it will certainly make it easier. Try always to stay as much positive as you can, although at some moments you may not see the light at the end of the tunnel. Happymamma can help with choosing a right nanny for your twin babies and can also provide you psychological support. Hold on in the beginning and afterwards you will be the happiest mother in the world.