Tips for developmental milestones

What does baby know?

If you are interested in facts about infants or human fetus abilities, this article will reveal you some of them.

Did you know that human fetus is sensitive to mother’s movements after four months of conception?

After only 7 months of conception, baby is sensitive to light, which means he or she can see, even in mother’s uterus!

Babies like the noise coming from their mother’s heartbeats

The most interesting thing is that babies like the noise coming from their mother’s heartbeats! Some research studies show that babies develop faster when they listen to sounds similar to heartbeats than to some louder sounds or to no sounds at all. Happymamma advice– give your baby an opportunity to listen to heartbeats after birth, by holding him or her on your chest, that way you’ll make your baby feel happy and safe.

Do babies learn in uterus?

It is important to remember that babies can learn from their mother while in uterus, just by listening to her voice! You should read a fairy-tale to your baby before he or she is born and the baby will grow to love it. Later when the baby is born, he or she will suckle faster and easier while listening to the same fairy-tale he or she liked in uterus.

Infants easily recognize their native language. They suckle longer and enjoy it more while listening to their native language than a foreign one. That means that babies learn in uterus, even before they are born. New-born infants 3 days old can discriminate their mother’s voice from the voice of another female. Besides that, they also try to imitate her voice, which indicates that they find it nice and pleasant. Dear moms, talk to your new-born baby often, you’ll make them satisfied and happy. Babies are the happiest when they are with their moms.

 Father’s role in child development

Dear dads, your role in child’s development is also very important. Many research studies show that your support during pregnancy is necessary. Be supportive and show interest in parenthood – read books about pregnancy or read Happymamma advices, at least J

If you already have a child and you are expecting another baby, you can help mom by taking care of your older child. In that way, mom will have more time for herself and for the baby and she will be very grateful to you.