Practical advices

Where to go with children this spring?

Science confirmed numerous times so far that the earliest memories from our childhood are fading through time. Grown-ups mostly can’t remember events from their lives that happened before they were 4 or 5 years old. Also, it has been confirmed that the things we are mostly remembering are experiences connected to strong emotions, events that we were talking about later, and of course we are memorizing them better if they were recorded on photos or videos. That’s why ideas for another adventure with children are most welcomed!

Here we are presenting a few locations in Belgrade that could be of interest to children, so if you haven’t visited them so far, the following months are the right time to do that.

Public Aquarium and Tropicarium

Belgrade Zoo you have probably visited, or at least you are planning to, but discovering the water world was offered to us just from 2016 in Senjak. Exhibition is intended primarily for children, but certainly it will provide interesting experience of exploring fish, reptiles, aquatic plants, certain bird species and numerous small animals to adults as well. The entrance is fee, for both children and adults, but taking into consideration that aquarium works solely thanks to donations, every contribution is welcomed! Here you will also have an opportunity to get all necessary information if your little ones are interested in a pet which is a resident of water.

Museum of African Art

When you are already in Senjak, after Tropicarium you may visit Muzej afričke umetnosti as well. In the museum building you can see the permanent exhibit of masks, instruments, jewellery, wooden and bronze sculptures and various items, while the spacious garden might be a perfect spot for children’s activities. The museum regularly, each week from 11.00am till 01.00pm, holds creative workshops for children age from 4 to 12 years old which are usually linked to the topic of actual exhibition. Also, like most other museums, this one offers possibility of organising birthday workshops. Specifically, in this museum children have an opportunity to understand the exhibition with their friends while they are engaged in various creative activities (making clay figurines, making masks or jewellery, playing a mankale dance, etc.). Visit to this museum is an ideal opportunity for you to have fun with your children and learn a lot of things about completely different cultures from ours. Individual ticket is 200 dinars, group is 150 dinars, and for children of pre-school age the entrance is free.

Museum of Science and Technology

Although the permanent exhibition with old devices and apparatus is very interesting, this museum has a segment dedicated only to children. In the toy gallery there are 150 toys from the period of 1920 till 1970. Also, the science playroom is a part of the museum where little ones could meet with science discoveries through interactive approach. Here children have opportunity to conduct experiments on their own and meet with optic illusions, balance and many other phenomena. The museum often organises workshops, activities and exhibitions aimed for children, and also offers an opportunity for organising birthday adventures in it. The museum is in Skender-beg street in Belgrade, and family visit costs 400 dinars.

We have a few more suggestions when we talk about museums which organise activities for children such as National Museum, The Natural History Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, Pedagogical Museum, and of course Museum of Illusions which will particularly wake up curiosity and interest of children, but also adults.

Sports and Recreation Center “Pionirski grad”

If you decide to be in nature and engage in sports activities, Sports and Recreational Center “Pionirski grad” which is located in Košutnjak is the right choice for you. Here you will find sport fields for volleyball, basketball, mini-football, handball, athletic track, as well as a part for free activities of children with climbers, swings, clubs, small crops, etc. On their website you may find information about camps, workshops, sports and many other activities that take place within the centre. Additional advantage is that Pionirski grad is surrounded with greenery, so the whole surroundings is ideal for stimulating children’s health habits and love for sports.

Ilija M. Kolarac Endowment

This is the right place for you if you wish to introduce the world of music to your child. In addition to various music workshops where children could actively participate, here they could listen to the concerts, after which they could go on the stage, meet with music instruments, scene and musicians. Kolarac also organises concerts for babies, and it is interesting that during the concert children can behave freely, they could walk around and explore the space.