Mamma’s perspective

Why choose agency help?

„Having that I cannot do everything on my own, I had a challenging task before me. First of all, it is important that you cannot continue doing everything on your own, although many mothers do not gladly acknowledge that they like being Super Heroes and that they will do everything by themselves – even if the sky falls!

 When you understand this part of yourself, that it is important that you also sleep well, that you have a good hair-cut, that you are nicely dressed, and that you have time to sit down and clear your thoughts, because this is a pre-condition for a sane mother/parent, then you are starting with the new episode, often called paranoia. Namely, because no-one is good enough to take care of your children, except for you and your parents… I would ask one question only: how many of you, i.e. your parents can provide first aid (not referring to the medical workers)?  I would say few. We do not even think about it. For us, it is most important that children are loved, fed and clean. Grandparents are there to provide that love for a few hours, when they live close-by, but do not forget that it is a burden for them too, both mentally, and especially physically, to be with our little ones entire day, while we are at work. We get a headache and get tired when we are alone with kids. Imagine how it is for the grandparents. Their backbone snaps.

Ignore the fact that I consider that children should be in a community – with children.

Now, you have situations in life when you return to work earlier, before the child turns one, when it is still early for the kindergarten, and when grandparents are not able to help out. Then the search for a babysitter starts and we most often rely on the recommendations by friends, which commonly ends by your dissatisfaction both with the nanny, and with the person who gave the recommendation…

Therefore, luckily for us, there are agencies. Of course, there are many of them, but the ones that are professional – in the real sense of that word, are rear. Happymamma is such.

But you need to know one thing. They do not have a magic bowl and they do not tell fortune.

You have to define what you want, to provide them with clear guidelines for the selection. Try to keep the guidelines as specific and clear as possible. In order to define them, you must set your priorities first. After that, everything will be much simpler, easier and faster.

I contacted Happymamma agency when my son was three months old, because I was starting to work… Honestly, I contacted one more agency at the same time, to be on the safe side. I sent the same request to both addresses. The difference in the approach, seriousness, principles and responsibility was visible from the start.

Happymamma- Milica had me at the first step. So much devotion during the selection of candidates, willingness to have everything just as you wished… I have not seen that recently. *the other agency was rejected fast.

We have completed the babysitter search process after a month, literally (my request, selection by the agency, my short list, interviews…).

We selected a girl who Milica also proposed. Milica knew what we needed. You know why? Because we were brutally precise when we defined our needs. Then her way was lightened up and she was not stumbling in the dark… That is the key.

Agency will do everything, but after you too become committed.

Nanny worked for us for a year, the same one we selected from the start, and we were all satisfied.

After some time, we needed a „woman for the house“, someone who would take care of hygiene, cooking… Since all the recommendations failed, we turned again to Happymamma agency.

And again, after our clear instructions, Milica found Marina for us, who has been with us for seven months now and we would not change her.

Since our child started going to the kindergarten, Anita – the nanny, found a new job, given that she „completed her mission“ with us, but Marina is still with us and often helps with the kids. She does this with love.

If you wish that someone works for you and be there with your kids, this person should primarily be satisfied and motivated. Be a human and respect the agreements. No one is your slave, irrespective of the money in question.

These women are great; I appreciate them even more, because I know how difficult and responsible job they perform.

 And I will always engage Happymamma if I ever need someone again. Why?

Because in that way I am safe, secured, because I know that all the candidates have the sanitation booklets, that they have not been convicted… These are the issues you do not have to think about and, most importantly, you will not fall into the traps of the famous recommendations by friends.

All of us do not like the same things and do not strive for the same, no matter how good we know each other.

Best regards

Nevena Vračar :)“