We will find an ideal family for you to work for as a nanny or babysitter

  • We match you with an ideal family looking for exactly your qualities
  • We give advice on how you can present yourself in the best way during a job interview
  • You get a free-of-charge First Aid Training once you start working in the new family through our agency
  • We provide you with support during the process of adjusting to the family
  • We provide you with the possibility of further development through Montessori and other educational programs

How to choose the right family?

Nannies and babysitters can find employment through recommendation, job ads or recruitment agencies. Each of the presented ways has its advantages and requires different steps in the course of finding a job, but each of them entails an interview prior to starting to work in a family. Interview with the family is key when selecting future associates since it is the best way for you to assess whether you see yourself working with that family. Quality of the relationship with the family is more successful if all cooperation terms and conditions are clearly defined from the beginning (working hours, monthly or hourly wage, overtime, work during holidays, etc).

When someone asks you “What kind of family are you looking for to work with?“, do you have a ready response or you have never thought about this untill now? What working hours suit you most, what age of children are you most comfortable to spend time with, what salary do you find appropriate? Do you reach an agreement regarding holidays, public holidays, or house work during an interview with the family? Do you ask yourself how some people always have good experiences and cooperate only with the best families?

A nanny’s job is a noble profession, and it is becoming more appreciated in our society. There are various ways to seek employment, but the most common are recommendation and recruitment agencies. There are also job ads; however, after numerous unpleasant experiences, nannies are more likely to have an intermediary during employment process. When a person goes to an interview through a recommendation, leverage is that future employers know the previous ones, and that trust significantly facilitates the candidate to find the job. Nevertheless, that does not necessarily imply that the nanny will agree to the terms and conditions offered by the employers; and it is not scarce that they have already been pre-defined so the room for negotiation is small, if not non-existing. Moreover, it can often happen that nannies, despite insufficiently motivating work conditions, accept the engagement because they want to be respectful of the recommendation. recruitment agencies bear the responsibility of fully understanding the needs and expectations of both sides, and to connect the right candidates (nannies, babysitters, mentors) with the right families, with the purpose of achieving long-term cooperation. Role of the agency is to meet all the wishes and conditions, which both parties expressed as vital, so as to enable an easier and faster adjustment.

Next time you go to a job interview, remember that a good preparation is always half of the work. Take some time before going to the interview and think about the following:

  • What kind of family you are looking for, what kind of family atmosphere will you feel most comfortable in?
  • What are your expectations from them as your employers?
  • What sort of budget do you think is appropriate, what are your expectations in terms of wage during annual vacation, days off and holidays?
  • In addition to the primary responsibility for babysitting, would you take on some other activities such as cooking, cleaning, taking care of pets or driving children?
  • What is your style of upbringing, as well as how flexible you are about adapting to a different style?
  • Leave enough room to hear the expectations of parents and to understand what exactly your tasks will be.

We listed only the key points that are important to be considered prior to the interview, and to be defined with the family prior to initiating the cooperation. It often happens that problems faced with in the course of cooperation are the consequence of agreements such as „we will resolve it as we go along“ and „we will handle it easily, it’s not a problem“.

Considering that job interviews last an hour on average, it is very challenging to find out all that you want to know about the family itself, and at the same time to present yourself in a proper way. Think how you will recognize all the desired answers which point out whether they are the family for you. Mere conversation should help both sides to assess whether they will be able to cooperate successfully, hence it is critical that it is clear, detailed and informative. Agencies often recommend probation period, as means to make sure that this is the right family for you.

Please remember, nannies-colleagues from whom you hear that they are satisfied with the cooperation with previous families are those who know which qualities they have, how to point them out, what kind of employers and work conditions they want, and who are able to assess, from the very beginning, whether they will fit in with the given family.

Finally, keep in mind that, in addition to finding the right family to work, it is equally important to also retain them as employers. Parents entrust you with their greatest treasure and they are always cautious and monitor your work, regardless of the duration of employment. Once you complete the engagement with the given family, their good recommendation will mean a lot, irrespective of the fact whether you seek for the future employment through friends, relatives or an agency.

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