About Us

The creator of Happymamma is Tatjana, a mother of three, a psychotherapist, a psychologist, and a woman with a long career in the field of human resources. When she had two children, in 2015, she tried to harmonise her business obligations with all the challenges of parenting. The idea of finding an ideal nanny who will dedicate herself to her children, if not equally, then at least as close as possible to Tatjana, was at that point practically an ideal. At that time in Serbia, there was no occupation of a nanny. Children were mostly cared for by women who couldn’t find another job “in the profession” or people who lost jobs in the process of transition.

After a few very unsuccessful attempts to find an adequate nanny, Tatjana called her colleague Eta, who is also a psychologist with experience in the field of human resources, and successfully solved her problem! The idea of Happymamma was born, the desire to ease all families’ way to the true nanny, with less time spent, energy and effort.

Although our portfolio of services expanded over time, our mission “Happymamma – Every Mamma” remained the whole time the idea that keeps motivating us to improve our work continually.

Today, Happymamma is the Centre for family well-being – a place where we support all those who deal with children and whose goal is to contribute to carefree growing up.

Intellectual development is not enough for a successful and fulfilled life without the quality development of emotional intelligence and the right moment for its development is just in childhood. That is why we have developed fantastic programs for the development of emotional intelligence called EmoMe. Tanja’s children (now three 😊) have gone through every step of creating this program, and have infinitely enjoyed, unaware of contributing to the creation of a unique story on our market.

Support for the moms during the first days of parenting, return to work after maternity leave, support during transitional periods when children go to kindergarten and school, are just some of the programs where we have embedded rich psychological knowledge, love for children and high professionalism.

Psychological counselling while children are growing up, can be crucial when a child or adolescent encounters life challenges. We are here to facilitate the solutions to these developmental troubles, and help them and their parents to understand better what is happening to them and how to overcome crises.

Our criteria are mamma-criteria, always at the highest level, and that is why we strive that every program, counselling and service that comes out of our creative kitchen are made in the best possible way. We believe in continuous improvement and learning, and this spirit is transmitted to all our associates, primarily children. Mistakes are not condemned; they are the path along which the learning process takes us.

Therefore, if you believe in the charms of emotions, you are open to hearing something new, and work on your child’s development, call us! We are here to listen to you, because we believe we can develop successfully everything that people lack to feel satisfied in their own skin, their life, with knowledge and desire to continually learn in a way that does not burden them but gives them satisfaction and a safe place to express everything they are.