Whether you’re thinking about parenting, becoming parents for the first time or you already have had considerable parenting experience, and even have your grandchildren, there is always something which can be much better in parenting as well as in life.  Our educational programmes for parents, as well as psychotherapeutic support we provide, help each parent improve their parenting skills, feel better in their shoes and realise they are not alone along this challenging road.

In addition to educational programs, you will find a corner for moms in Happymama – a special place where moms meet and relax, unwind and exchange their own experiences. We have also reserved one part for grandparents, new-old parents, who have to keep up with the contemporary parenting of their children.

EmoMe – emotional intelligence program

Created by EmoMe methodology, the program starts from the five-factor model of emotional intelligence and, through the development of each factor, conveys ways and methods to parents that can be applied daily in contact with their children to improve their emotional intelligence.

How to approach children going through a divorce crisis

In a divorce, children face their own shock and sadness, as well as injuries and anger of their parents who usually go through a challenging period.
The workshop deals with all the aspects that a parent in a divorce crisis should be aware of concerning their own child/children who go through great stress and loss due to separation of parents and changes in their primary life community.

Parenting styles

What is a parenting style?
Our individual decisions regarding our child are a general parenting style that characterises us.
Insight into our parenting style will enable us to consider how appropriate it is for the personality and sensitivity of our child; it will help us to spot the room for improvement of our parenting in spheres that directly contribute to the increased satisfaction of our family and the lives of our children.

Back to work – a new mom

Moms! This workshop lasts for o n l y 4 hours. We know that’s a lot for you, too, but moms! You will soon be away from your baby for at least eight hours a day, so you need to start exercising. Take four hours, to begin with. We will try to prepare you for your return to work, point to all important aspects that need to be planned before returning to work and help you make the separation process from your baby not as difficult and painful.

Preparation for Kindergarten

In this training, we empower parents to make the best possible decision that involves all aspects of going to kindergarten and help them prepare for separation, which can be extremely challenging both for the child and parents.
Have you wondered when the best time to enrol your child to kindergarten is? Or you do not have a choice? If that’s the case, this training is right for you.

Preparation for School

Beginning of school represents a great change for a child which can sometimes be very stressful and disturbing. At our training, you will find out which period of adaptation is the most intensive one, what psychologists’ advice about the harmonizing of school and extracurricular activities is, or what the right balance between our expectations and the child’s abilities is. Excellent training for all parents of future first graders.

First Aid Training

One of the most frightening moments of each parent and childcare provider is certainly the mere thought that the child can be injured in any way.
Apart from keeping an eye on our beloved beings, we have to be prepared for such situations believing that it will never happen to us. On this course, we will learn how to help children or babies in crises.

Little me time – Workshop for moms

The workshop for mothers was created with an idea to allow mothers to be more ready, happier and more satisfied, i.e. to address their own care and relax a little bit, dedicate some time to themselves and their internal processes, because very often, they neglect their needs for a long time. At the workshop, you will be listened to; you will be able to ask questions and share a heartfelt experience of motherhood in a relaxed, caring, non-judgmental environment, either in person or online.

Psychotherapy and Counselling for parents

Our team of psychotherapists can help you if you have anxious or depressing conditions (obsessive-compulsive behaviour, panic attacks, psychosomatic problems, difficulties in adapting to new life challenges – divorce, death, issues with partners, children or at work), feeling of low self-confidence, support in the process of mourning and we can especially help people who want to work on their own development, growth and personal prosperity.

Sound bath for parents

Imagine that you are immersed in beautiful sounds that heal your body, mind and your soul. Your body is relaxing, as your thoughts are sinking into beautiful tones inspired by nature, and you become completely relaxed. Welcome to our Sound bath!
When Happymamma creates a sound bath, it provides an atmosphere for you to relax at a truly deep level. This form of specialised rehabilitation of the mind and body, will restore your stamina, strengthen your mind and your body.