Need a nanny?

Professional selection entails the assessment of candidates and their competencies by a professional team, the goal of which is to assess whether a candidate is suitable for a certain position.

Professional selection means that all candidates undergo a complete set of checks so that we could provide you with the best possible choice of a person who will take care of your children and support you:

  1. Completing a detailed application form
  2. Psychological testing and assessment
  3. Interview with a psychologist
  4. Finding out what motivates a candidate
  5. Assessment of a candidate’s child development knowledge level and childcare experience
  6. Checking and verifying original documentation
  7. Health check (all candidates will have a sanitary certificate issued by City Institute of Public Health)
  8. Legal check (confirmation that there is no criminal record issued by First Basic Court)
  9. First aid course which is attended by all candidates who deal with childcare (course is provided by Happymamma team)

We know it’s in everyone’s best interest to be as thorough and dedicated in this process, in order to ensure the satisfaction of both clients and candidates.

Candidates provided by Happymamma acknowledge and agree that the terms of hire shall remain confidential and agree not to disclose, communicate or otherwise make them public either directly or indirectly through a third party. In a case where is needed (known or other Clients), Confidentiality contract will be provided by the Agency.

Read more about professional selection of nannies in Happymamma.


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