Little me time – Workshop for moms

Today, the mother is expected to be a superhero, and the superpower of every mom is multitasking.
The question is where she could find the power and energy to juggle with daily obligations, children and job, herself and others, friends and family, fitness and sports that she takes children to, without burning out and giving up.

Mom’s workshop was created with an idea to allow mothers to be more ready, happier and more satisfied, i.e. to take care of themselves and relax a little bit, as well as to dedicate some time to themselves and their internal processes, because very often, already when taking up the role of a mother, they neglect their needs on a long-term level.

Moms often feel lonely, overburdened and torn apart. Their mental health, wellbeing and relationships with other people can often suffer because they always push them down to one of the last places in their priority list.

In order to have time for themselves, moms have to make different arrangements in their heads and understand why it is important to take care of themselves. That is why we enable them to talk in a safe environment about things that they fail to prioritize in everyday situations and their busy lives.

Mom is the key person in the nuclear family which has a critical role for every being that grows and prepares to become big. Moms are necessary, and it is essential for them to be satisfied and happy because they will undoubtedly be a great role model for their children, allowing them to become exactly like that.

The workshop was created to allow moms to be in a safe environment under the direct guidance of an experienced psychotherapist, Tatjana Prokić, to exchange important content while sharing helps them unburden, relax and prepare for further challenges, happier and more satisfying.

At the workshop, you will be listened to; you will be able to ask questions and share an authentic experience of motherhood in a relaxed, cultivating, nonjudgmental environment, either in person or online.

Crying is totally allowed, and laughing is mandatory.

Venue: Online meeting

Duration: 1 h

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