Preparation for Kindergarten

In this training, we empower parents to make the best possible decision that involves all aspects of going to kindergarten and help them prepare for separation, which can be extremely challenging both for the child and parents.
Have you wondered when the best time to enroll your child at kindergarten is? Or you don’t have a choice, and you know exactly when your baby will start going to kindergarten because it is related to your return to work.
Do you think about whether the child is ready or how to prepare them for this step?
What aspects must be satisfied for a baby to go to kindergarten?
Finally, the hardest thing: How to prepare yourself for the most challenging separation so far?
This training will empower and prepare parents for critical periods in the first quarter of the child’s stay in kindergarten, and indicate the necessity of a back-up plan for babysitting during the adjustment period and help them go through the child’s adaptation process more consistently and with less suffering.
If going to the kindergarten is happening parallel to the mother’s return to work, this training will also cover the theme that is being processed in special training, Back to work – a new mom.

At the end of this training, parents will have clearer views on essential topics such as:

  • Guidelines for choosing a real kindergarten for your child
  •  Nanny or Kindergarten (pros and cons)
  •  Clear understanding of the psychological process of separation and effective connection and what to do in relation to themž
  • Better psychological readiness
  • Additional activities in kindergarten (sports, music, art…) and related expectations
  • Additional support in kindergarten (speech and hearing therapist, defectologist, pediatrician…), understanding their role and expectations

Great workshop for all parents who encounter this separation type for the first time!

Venue: Online
Duration: 3h

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