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Privacy policy

Happymamma Agency keeps the privacy of all users of this Internet site (hereinafter: Internet site) and protects the personal data of the visitors of the Internet site.

You may visit the Internet site of the Happymamma Agency without disclosing any information about yourself. Our server registers the names of the domains, and not the e-mail addresses of the visitors of the Internet site. In the certain segments of this Internet site we ask for personal information about you so as to enable you to exercise certain rights, such as providing certain information that you request or using the services of Happymamma Agency. We do this by the use of online forms and every time you send us your details via e-mail. Information received from you may include your name and surname, address, phone numbers and e-mail address. We shall never ask additional information from you which are not necessary for providing you with the services you request.

Should you leave your data via the form on the site, regarding the possibility of engagement placement by our Agency, please bear in mind that only our employees have the access to such data. We only collect the data necessary for the business operations and for providing the users with information compliant with the good business practices, and aiming at providing qualitative service.

By checking the marked field, when applying to our candidates’ data base, you grant your consent for the processing of your personal data for the purposes of selection for the open engagements by the clients who approached our Agency and engaged us for the selection of the adequate candidate. Moreover, such data shall be kept in the data base of our company.

Personal data from your resume, which we process upon your consent, shall be treated confidentially and shall not be accessible to third parties without your permission.

You can revoke the given consent at any moment by sending us an e-mail to with Subject: SIGN OUT and request to delete all your data from our database.

We do not use the information on the names of the domains that we acquire in order to identify you personally, but to measure the number of visits to the Internet site, average time spent on the Internet site, viewed pages, etc, by using these and other information. We shall use this information solely for the purposes of measuring the visit frequency to our Internet site and of enhancing its Content. Information provided by you or that we collect via this Internet site shall be used solely for the purposes of answering to your questions and/or providing services of Happymamma Agency. Should you change your mind and wish that we do not contact you in future, you can always inform us of it by sending us an e-mail to with Subject: CANCELLATION. Consequently, Happymamma shall permanently remove your data from our System.

Information provided by you shall be kept on our server, and they can be accessed by our associates, state bodies, our legal successors, and persons we engage to process the data on our behalf for the purposes stated in this Policy and other purposes for which you granted the consent. Further to that, we may transfer information on the usage of our Internet site to third parties, but it shall not include the information based on which you might be identified. Unless stipulated by law, we shall not make available or in any way distribute the information about you that you provide us with, without your prior approval.

In case you are a minor, it is necessary that you obtain the approval of your parents or guardians before you provide us with the information about yourself. Minor persons that do not have such approval are not allowed to provide us with personal information, nor to access our site independently.

Our Internet site may contain links to other internet sites that are not under our control and that are not subject to this Privacy Policy. Should you access other internet sites by using the given links, operators of these internet sites may ask from you information that shall be used compliant with their policies of data protection, which may differ from ours.

As the majority of sites on Internet, Internet site of Happymamma Agency uses so-called „cookies“ (hereinafter: Cookie). Cookies are small text files which your internet browser (hereinafter: browser) stores on your PC and that help to identify yourself on web sites during following visits. Cookies are uniquely assigned to you and may be read only by the web server in the domain that issued the Cookie. The use of Cookies is standard Internet practice and the majority of browsers is set in such a way to automatically accept all Cookies. However, you may always decide that you wish to stop using them. You may simply delete them manually or set your browser especially for the work with Cookies. Please see documentation or Help/Assistance section of your browser. We use Cookies on our site solely for the purpose of providing you with the better quality of interaction with our site, for the purposes of statistical analyses of visits, and optimization of our ads on the internet via services Google Analytics and Google Ads.

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