Psychotherapy and Counselling for parents

Psychotherapy refers to a series of interventions that can help people in difficulties with mental health, emotional challenges and some psychiatric disorders.

Counselling refers to a brief visit to a psychotherapist when a person experiences to have certain doubts about a particular topic and wants to find a solution with the help of experienced professionals.

The goal of psychotherapy is to enable clients to understand their feelings, to know themselves better, gain a specific insight that will increase the quality and satisfaction with their own life.

Psychotherapy is not a process that ends after several encounters. Usually, results come after continuous and dedicated work with a psychotherapist that can last for more than a year.

Our team of psychotherapists can help you if you have anxious or depressing conditions (obsessive-compulsive behaviour, panic attacks, psychosomatic problems, difficulties in adapting to new life challenges – divorce, death, problems with partners, children or at work), feeling of low self-confidence, support in the process of mourning, and we can especially help people who want to work on their own development, growth and personal prosperity.

Types of psychotherapy that we are specialized in:

Tatjana Prokić – Psychologist and psychodrama psychotherapist

Vladana Ninić – Transaction analyst and Psychoenergodrama psychotherapist

Venue: Online/Premises Happymamma Centre

Duration: 1 hour

If you are interested in this service, please contact us directly on the telephone number: 0638797495