Employees Assistance Program (EAP)

Employees Assistance Program is a free and confidential counseling service that companies offer to the employees to support their wellbeing at the workplace and in their private lives. It could be expanded to the closest family members as well.

EAP provides individual and group support and help regarding private lives and business issues which could affect the personal wellbeing, work achievement and complete mental health of the employees.

Counseling within an employee’s assistance program has a mission to help employees during crises (be it a family or workplace crisis); identify and explore options for solving rising issues; empower employees to be able to participate in the prevention of problems actively; find inner capacities for smooth everyday functioning.

Disruptive events/critical incidents like the death of a colleague, a natural or man-made disaster, national crisis, severe workplace injury, workplace violence, feeling threatened or witnessing a violent or disturbing act can leave employees with physical, emotional, mental and behavioral symptoms.

Following such events, employees may find it difficult to focus at work and may experience an impact on their personal lives. There can be a wide range of reactions:

  1. Anxiety, worry, panic
  2. Feeling of helplessness
  3. Social withdrawal
  4. Difficulty concentrating and sleeping
  5. Anger
  6. Hyper-vigilance to health and body

Events and questions which may stimulate a company to provide EAP:

Workplace Issues: Relationships with co-workers; Work performance; Conflict management; Anger management; Adapting to changes in the workplace; Stress management; General health issues.

Personal Issues: Health and sickness; Grief and loss; Anxiety and depression; Middle life crisis and lifespan changes; Low self-esteem; Substance abuse, gambling problems; Anger management; Concerns regarding children, parenthood and adoption questions; Separation and divorce; Emotional or physical abuse and/or domestic violence.

EAP Consultants

Happymamma consultants are licensed psychotherapists with experience and specialized knowledge for providing quality service for employees’ assistance programs aimed at employers of all sizes and industries.

Besides psychotherapeutic experience, consultants-psychotherapists have experience in a corporate environment, so they understand business settings very well.

Each company is different and every workplace has its own specifics; therefore, it is necessary to adjust the program’s structure, establish principles of referring employees to counseling and make a plan for the promotion of the program within a company.

The complete program will be conducted in accordance with the individual needs of each company, its preferences and all other unique cultural characteristics of an organization.

If you want to contribute to the retention of your employees and increased satisfaction to you as an employer with special programs, call us to talk.