Parenting styles

Parents make choices every day about how they interact with their children, and they do it the moment something happens. Each of these decisions conveys an essential message to the children, and ultimately all these choices merge into a specific style of parenting that affects them forever.

What is a parenting style?

As every parent knows, it seems that every person in this world has a certain opinion when it comes to child education – how to discipline your child, how to wean them off diapers, how and when to feed them, even how to make it easier for a child to walk and talk.

All of our individual decisions regarding our child make up a general parenting style that characterizes us.

Of course, every parent is different, but it is believed that modern parenting styles can be defined through several categories:

  1. Authoritative Parenting
  2. Helicopter parenting
  3. Permissive Parenting
  4. Neglecting Parenting
  5. Tiger Parenting
  6. Positive Parenting
  7. “Attachment” parenting
  8. “Outsource” parenting

This training will help you discover your parenting style and gain insight into what impact your style has on your children. Training will also lead you to an insight into whether your parental style changes in relation to each of your children individually and whether it can be changed and improved.

More than any other factor, your parenting style and your behavior concerning your children are the most important predictors of how your child will react to different situations in life and how much you will help them develop self-confidence and resilience.

Recognize the styles you want, adjust them to your children who are different and learn how to customize your parental behavior as your children are growing older.

Great training for all parents regardless of the age of their children. It will provide very important insights to the participants that will be able to be applied in other fields, such as partner and work relationships.

Venue: Online Training

Duration: 2-day training with a total duration of 6 hours

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