Who am I? – Training for teenagers (13–19)

Teenage years can be very challenging because a young person starts thinking about their identity and starts to wonder where they belong to in the world. Also, these are the years when the hormones are thriving, the body changes very rapidly, and mood swings are becoming very frequent and surprising not only for the environment but also for teenagers themselves. At that age, most teenagers have a lack of confidence and self-esteem and a feeling of inadequacy.

This one-day training for teenagers is 90% interactive and entertaining allowing for young people a serious insight into their strengths, their capacities to overcome problems and contribute to the creation of a positive and healthy image of themselves.

At the training, the main focus is on the development of acceptance and care for yourself. We investigate self-sensitivity – treat yourself in a kind, gentle, open and accepting manner.

We consider the development of the habit of taking care of ourselves and accepting ourselves a healthy alternative to a continuous orientation towards achievements that are often associated with self-respect. Research shows that people with pronounced care about themselves show greater prosperity and satisfaction with their own life. This is because they accept their own weaknesses, they do not only value themselves in situations when they achieve goals, but they respect themselves daily.

In this way, they build their self-esteem on the complete acceptance of themselves, not just in moments when they achieve something extraordinary and are excellent in various disciplines.

On the training, the participants will:

  • Explore unrealistic idols in relation to their appearance
  • Discover what impact social networks, influencers, famous people and advertising messages have on them
  • Figure out how to reduce conversations and comparisons with others focusing on physical appearance
  • Understand the significance of caring for yourself and accepting yourself
  • Recognize their habits of negative thinking, when they occur and ways to stop them, and then transform them into positive thinking flows that lead to an overall acceptance of themselves, with all the strengths and weaknesses
  • They will explore their strengths, internal capacities and possible ways to overcome problems

Venue: Online Training

Duration: 2-day training with a total duration of 6 hours

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