Healthy recipes

Healthy food

Every parent cares that his child eats healthy. Each family probably has its view on what healthy food is. In my environment, there are many different answers to the question “What is healthy food?”.  “Healthy food is fresh food”, “Healthy food is the food I buy from the familiar people at the green market”, “Mum, healthy food is carrot and broccoli” – says my four-year old son. For me healthy food is all the food that contributes to the growth and the development of my children. If fresh and grown organically, to my mind, the meaning of healthy food is completely met.

My children often cause problems when it comes to vegetables. We argue, convince and beg each time when broccoli, cauliflower or carrots are offered. It is only when we have enough time that I make rockets out of carrots, forest out of broccoli and arrange it on the plate, they start eating with excitement, but give up soon after. For me, it is good enough; they ate one of the rockets – a carrot and two broccolis – trees. Great!

What happens with meat? It often happens to me when I see meat in the store that I think about the origin and, in my mind, I always think about all the news regarding the import of some meat of suspicious origin, although it looks great. Then, I turn to the butcher, put my best, most charming smile, explain that I have two youngsters at home and, whispering, ask him confidentially how the meat is. And every time, the butcher tells me the same: “Neighbour, it is excellent! You will not regret it!” And I immediately feel relieved. I do not believe that such statement is completely equal to the quality control and HCCP standard, but it works for me. If I cannot buy meat from the farm of the trustworthy uncle Rasa or Pera from Kosmaj, at least I know that I have done everything in my power to check whether the meat is fine.

Whenever I can, I change the kinder egg for the raisins or berries. I dress the salads with hemp, linseed or walnut oil, and I make bagels with oats, corn or buckwheat flower. We drink aronia and aloe, and the children got used to it. Every night, we stand in line and wait for our dosage while dad pours it. Kids love to drink from the medicine syringe. They feel like they are drinking a medicine, and they love the medicine, unlike their mum when she was a little girl.

When asked what healthy food is, my kid answers every time: “Ice-cream!” I got an assignment. I found a recipe for a healthy ice-cream! Ingredients – you only need 4 ripe bananas! Preparation is very simple. I cut the bananas into small pieces, put it into the refrigerator bag (in as least possible layers) and froze them. Upon taking them out from the fridge, I separated the pieces as much as I could (to blend them easier) and put them into electronic cutter, then stirred it, bit by bit, mixed it until it became nicely even and creamy. What is the recipe for your healthy food?