Tips for developmental milestones

Pieces of advice for the period of development from the age of 2 to 3

Writing and drawing

As your child gets closer to the beginning of the age of two, you should bring in more drawing and writing material. Drawing block or papers that are used a bit, and cannot be used at work anymore, can be useful. Clear out the floor and put enough paper, crayons, and pens and show the child how to use different colours in their first drawing steps. It will be very useful for the child’s development.

Pieces of advice for incentivising emotional and behavioural development

No child is perfect, hence don’t expect perfection or expect, i.e. set it as a request from the child. Sometimes emotions they feel can be overwhelming; especially in the period when they still have a limited number of words that they use. Be patient and try to understand different expressions of your child. Teach him how to express disturbing emotions in an acceptable way.

1) Turn the dressing up into a game. Even though there is not enough time in the morning before you go to work, it would still be useful that the dressing up be an exciting event for the child, rather than an obligation he refuses to be a part of. If the child only wants to get dressed, you must allow him to do so, of course, whenever you have enough time for such an activity.

2) Praise your child whenever he does something which is good or when he is obedient. Do not miss the opportunity to openly express that you are pleased with what he did or demonstrated.

3) In this period, children can be very amusing, but don’t forget that if you do not wish your child to repeat some unpleasant words, do not say them in front of him! This is also a period in which the child starts with the pretending games and acts to be someone else.

4) Ask the child what his name is and how old he is. This is an entertaining question that children like to answer to.