Practical advices

The time of giving

The time of giving is approaching. As every year, your children shall receive a bunch of gifts. You will start tripping over most of them, some of them will turn during night without control and will drive you crazy, while your children will completely forget almost all the gifts by February.

Let us all make one step back. A bit of memory, you will agree, including the gifts we have received… For instance, I remember a pony bike and a Barbie. And that is all…

What type of gift can we give to our children which they will never forget? Which gifts can always impact their lives and change them forever?

Help us make the list together. We begin:

  1. Check whether your children know we appreciate them. And then remind them of it. As soon as you get the chance for it.
  2. Inspire a child to dream big. In return, they will make beliefs that they can be whatever they wish for, which is the right path to achieve it one day.
  3. Teach children to ask questions about who, what, where, how, why, and why not. “Stop asking so many questions” are the words that should never be uttered by us, the parents.
  4. Children should learn everything from scratch, including the appropriate behavior, how to function with others, how to achieve certain results and how make their dreams come true. Discipline should not be avoided nor deprived. Instead, it should be consistent and positive.
  5. Teach them to choose their words carefully. Words are a powerful weapon. They must be responsible for what they say one day, when they are already big. The moment to show them that an uttered word is a very important thing is when they are small.
  6. Teach children to be generous. Show them that generosity is a virtue and that they will feel great every time they show it.
  7. Teach them to hope. To believe that it can always be better and that a lot depends on them. In that way, they will gain strength, determination and endurance.
  8. Put them in your lap whenever you can. Lap is the best place to talk, read or cuddle. And then you instill the sense of security and love into the children’s souls.
  9. Provide them with optimism. Pessimists do not change the world.
  10. Wish them welcome every time they come home. Create a sense of security that they can always come home and that their home is the safest place for them.

Add more. We can surely add a lot more.

And, with the New Year’s giving of Peppa the Pig or Dinosaurs, make sure that you also give them a better part of this list.