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What is professional selection of candidates?

Nannies and babysitters are often a gift from heavens when we do not know what to do with all the obligations and work, and the only thing we want is to provide our child with good quality childhood and a chance to grow and develop all its potentials. In order for nannies and babysitters to be helpful, it is first necessary to conduct the professional assessment of their personal characteristics, prior work experience, work habits and style they develop in relation with children, to check the recommendations of their former employers, as well as the authenticity of their statements that they enjoy working with children. The mere process of assessing the right nanny or babysitter for our children can be exhausting because 10 candidates might come to our house, and we end up not being satisfied with any of them. In order not to complicate your life further, in addition to challenges you face in every-day obligations, we advise you to entrust the professional assessment of candidates to professional psychologists who will conduct the detailed assessment of all candidates and recommend only the ones who meet your expectations.

It is up to you to define what you want, and we guarantee not to waste your time by presenting nannies and babysitters who do not meet your expectations. Some of the classical demands are for the nanny to be warm, communicative and cooperative, that she easily accepts the guidelines of the parents and to accept the criticism in a constructive way; that she is familiar with pedagogy in terms of education. If you wish that your child is looked after by an experienced nanny, you can define the exact age of children she took care of in the past, and we will find her for you. If you require that the nanny takes the child after kindergarten and then spends time with him/her in creative work, stimulating the child to free its imagination and to learn and develop its capabilities by playing, drawing, reading stories or acting in mini plays, we are here to find the right Merry Poppins. If you need assistance with a new-born, qualified pediatric nurses or midwives with vast experience in working with new-born babies are in our candidate database. If a parent wishes to take a break from taking care of the child and from chores, and plans to go out and visit his/her friends, go shopping or simply wishes to have a night out, babysitters are the solution for such situations.

Once the selection of candidates for taking care of children is approached in such a professional way, there is a significant saving of time, and also the right person who will join your family is selected more efficiently.

Happymamma consultant will be at your disposal while taking the detailed requests in terms of nanny’s or babysitter’s profile, but also throughout the selection process. We will schedule the interviews in time slots convenient for you, at the location you wish to meet the candidates. We recommend it is done at your home, where you can briefly introduce the child to the potential nanny after the initial interview with you, and see how the interaction with child is progressing – whether the child accepts the communication with the nanny instantly, whether the nanny knows how to approach a shy child and how to interest him/her, whether there is a so-called chemistry between you, child and the person who will take care of him/her. After the interview, you can exchange the impressions with the Happymamma consultant, and also schedule an additional probation period during which you can conduct additional checks of the selected candidate, at ease, over a few days.

Our approach entails the checking of the quality of the established cooperation after a certain period of time, and if it happens that the selected nanny or the babysitter, for some reason, does not meet all your previously defined expectations during the first two months, we will conduct a free-of-charge new selection.

We are here to make the life of your family easier, as well as to support the parents to spend more quality time with children, whilst having all the regular obligations performed professionally by nannies and babysitters.

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