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Why invest in travelling with children, instead of toys and expensive clothes?

There is a reason why our children love to go to the beach or mountains, and it’s not because they enjoy swimming or sun… or snow, cold or skiing. It’s more because they love to spend their time with us. The time which is reserved for fun, being carefree and small daily pleasures. Someone might say that we spend time together at home as well, especially in families where one of the parents does not work and is always at disposal to their children. But there is a quality difference between the time spent at home when you are preoccupied with daily obligations and routine, comparing to vacation time when you are all together enjoying the things your family likes.

One study says, as we all already know, that if you wish to invest in your children, invest in travelling and time spent together instead of buying expensive toys, gadgets and branded clothes.

It doesn’t matter where you will take your children, whether it would be a 5-star hotel on an island or somewhere near your home town, as long as you are spending that time together having fun, doing exciting things while you are talking about life, and creating a lifelong, unbreakable bond. At that moment, you are the most present in their whole life, entirely theirs and dedicated solely to them.

Oliver James, a psychologist, a best-seller author, explains how family holidays are cherished the most by the children, whether it is the time when they are happening or long after when they recall that.

So, if you planned to spend money on your children, it’s quite clear where you should spend it.

Travelling with your children could also be very stimulating for their brain development.

Unknown surroundings full of new content bring new experiences which strongly activate social, physical, cognitive and sensor interactions with every child, says Dr Margot Sunderland.

Research also says that, although we are reaching out to buy things more and more, adults are more appreciative and fulfilled by experiences that come from travelling. As James Oliver says, children have the same attitude towards travelling opportunities. It’s just that they appreciate different aspects of travelling.